I am a crocheter, knitter, and a tyer of knots, and fiber helps me make art. Crochet has its foundation in pattern and rhythm which makes it a great medium for freeform, like music. Yarn has many colors and textures that can be used to create images and objects. Many effects can be achieved, as with paint, by using different yarns; different stitches have the effect of a variety of brushstrokes. I enjoy the way that yarn can be made into flat fabric, but still have depth and shadow. It excites me to see the stitches without the image and the finished piece without the stitches. I am inspired by both the people in my life and by yarn because of their endless variety.

I grew up in Woodland Hills, CA where my mom taught me to crochet and knit during my last year of high school and I haven’t put it down since. After many frustrating hours lost trying to make items that were comfortable, wearable, and fitted, I turned to fiber art because walls are flat (usually).